Top 4 Best Yorker Bowlers In The World Cricket.

Best Yorker Bowlers

Here is the prime 4 Best Yorker Bowler list in the history of world cricket. And it has dramatically modified after the introduction of the shorter format. The batsmen always hold a position against the bowlers in the games with larger bats in their hands than before. it’s tough for the bowling spearheads to bowl against them in the death overs.

The batsmen have the freedom to smack the bowlers from the word go. So, the bowlers continuously got to initiate with a pre-planned strategy in the matches. However, these things appear just to be an excuse as a proficient bowler manages to cope up with the pressure in any powerful scenario.

Meanwhile, it’s a widely known undeniable fact that the fast bowlers play a crucial role as they need to bowl some crucial over in the starting and death. Talking regarding the foremost effective weapon of a fast bowler, it’s the yorker. it’s a delivery that produces it tough for the batsmen to get runs. But, it’s quite tough to bowl additionally. a tiny low mistake while bowling a yorker will provide a juicy full-toss to the batsmen, who will smack it for a six or a boundary quite easily.

However, trying forward to the effectiveness of the yorker, one has to get their control over an equivalent. in the past, there have been bowlers like Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhtar, Imran Khan, and Courtley Walsh, who had mastered the art of bowling the proper toe-breaking yorkers in the games. currently in trendy cricket conjointly, there are some Best Yorker Bowlers, who haven’t forgotten the connection of that delivery and that they have earned the name of bowling the right ones.

So Let’s Get To Know The Current Era Best Yorker Bowlers:

World’s No.1 Best Yorker Bowlers Jasprit Bumrah

Best Yorker Bowlers  jasprit bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah features a distinctive action combined with a special mentality. in a} very short span of time, he has earned the name as one of the most effective death bowlers in international cricket. he’s famous for bowling yorkers with some speed variations and that’s what makes him a special league bowler.

Firstly, the batsmen realize it very tough to pick him because of his unorthodox action. Bumrah bowls at a speed off and around 145 km/hr and above. But, it doesn’t build any difference for the batsmen as he’s still a mystery fast bowler to select since he burst out to the international scene.

Bumrah has always established deadly whereas playing for the boys in Blue and Mumbai Indians. who will forget his yorker that discharged West Indies opener Chris Gayle, in the T20 tourney semi-final game? For him, the modification in the format doesn’t hamper his form and Bumrah keeps on dismissing the batsmen along with his toe-crushing additionally as slow in-swinging yorkers. Hence, he’s ranked as the number one bowler in international cricket who will bowl spectacular yorkers.

2. Mitchell Starc

Best Yorker Bowlers Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starc, A left-hand fast bowler from Australia is one of the greatest bowlers across the world. There is no comparison with the 6’6-inch bowler when it comes to bowling a yorker. He is one of the finest to bowl that delivery in the world. His tall height and high-arm action give him the liberty to bowl a yorker that is almost impossible for the batsmen to play on.

Imagining a bowler with a height of more than 6 feet bowling a yorker with a speed of 150 km/hr is itself a nightmare for any batsman. Mitchell Starc is one of those bowlers, who can bowl six yorkers in his six deliveries of the over.

With every year passing, he is becoming more and more effective with the ball. In the 2015 World Cup, he ended up being the leading wicket-taker in the tournament with 22 wickets. In the very next World Cup, he again managed to grab the top spot in the tally of leading wicket-takers with 27 wickets.

Until 2019 September, Mitchell Starc had already bowled a total of 330 yorkers and the count will surely increase with each year passing. The Aussie international holds the ability to become the next yorker king after Malinga. But, he needs to work out hard on his injury-prone body. So, he is ranked 2nd in terms of the category of best bowlers to bowl yorkers.

3. Lasith Malinga

Best Yorker Bowlers Lasith Malinga

Lasith Malinga loves bowling a yorker at any point of the game. A major group of fans also call him ‘Yorker King’. The right-handed fast bowler from Sri Lanka is moving in the fag end of his career. But, he still has terrific control over the same.

Malinga’s action makes it difficult for the batsmen to pick his deliveries. His secret weapon is his in-swinging yorker but he holds the talent of moving the ball in both the direction. If batsmen fail to connect his inswinger, then the chances are always high that the batter will have to return back to the pavilion.

In the concluded year, he grabbed four wickets in four balls against New Zealand in a T20I game. The interesting thing was that he grabbed three wickets on yorkers out of the four. He is the only bowler in the history of cricket to do so. As far as the stats are concerned until September 2019, he had bowled a staggering number of 872 yorkers. Looking at his recent past performances, he is 3rd on the list of current bowlers with the best yorkers in international cricket at the moment.

4. Trent Boult

Best Yorker Bowlers Trent Boult

Trent Boult, the left-hand tall-heightened bowler from New Zealand is one of the best swing bowlers in international cricket at the moment. He has emerged as the strike bowler for the BlackCaps, who has mastered the art of bowling inswing yorkers which are quite difficult to play.

His stock delivery is his in-swinging yorker that comes into the batsmen. And, it is next to impossible to play a stroke against such delivery that is bowled at a speed off and around 140 to 145 km/hr.

In the 2019 World Cup, he bowled a similar type of delivery against Quinton de Kock that took his stumps a couple of meters away from the grooves. As far as the stats are concerned until September 2019, he had bowled a total of 233 yorkers since his debut. Moreover, he managed to reap lots of success with his mastered delivery.

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