Most ODI matches played by a team: Which Team Played Most ODI Matches In Cricket History | 2022 Updates


Get the list of most ODI matches played by a team. Everyone may be wondering which team has played the most One-Day Internationals (ODIs) in cricket history. After team India, Australia has the most ODI appearances in international cricket. The Australians have played 958 ODIs so far, while Pakistan has played 936 ODIs and is third on the list of teams with the most ODIs played so far. In 1974, India played their first One-Day International (ODI) against England at Headingley.

One-day international (ODI) matches have always been one of the most entertaining formats of cricket. Though ODI cricket is gradually losing its luster due to the introduction of various T20 leagues, it remains the most popular format due to various ICC events. The format and its matches have shifted from one gear to another over the years and decades, but the charm remains. 

Most ODI matches played by a team | Which Team/Country Has Played Most ODIs?

With 1000 ODIs, the Indian cricket team holds the record for the most ODIs played by a team. On February 6, 2022, Team India achieved this milestone in their first One-Day International (ODI) match against the West Indies at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. India defeated the West Indies by six wickets on this historic occasion. Here is a list of all teams that have played the most One-Day Internationals (ODIs).

RankingsTeam/CountryAgainstThe first match was played onTotal MatchesWonLostTiedNo ResultsWin Ratio
1.IndiaEnglandJuly 13, 1974100051943194154.58
2.AustraliaEnglandJanuary 5, 197195858133493463.36
3.PakistanNew ZealandFebruary 11, 197393649041792053.98
4.Sri LankaWest IndiesJune 7, 197587039543253847.77
5.West IndiesEnglandSeptember 5, 1973835406389103051.11
6.New ZealandPakistanFebruary 11, 197377535437474048.63
7.EnglandAustraliaJanuary 5, 197176138433992953.07
8.South AfricaIndiaNovember 10, 199163839122162063.75
9.ZimbabweAustraliaJune 9, 198354114038181227.22
10.BangladeshPakistanMarch 31, 19863881362450735.69
Which team has played the highest number of ODI matches? | 2022 Updates

5 Teams with the most One-Day Internationals (ODIs) played.

1. Indian Cricket Team Has Played The Most ODIs In Cricket History – 1000 ODIs.

Indian Cricket Team Has Played The Most ODIs In Cricket History – 1000 ODIs.

To date, the Men in Blue have 519 victories and 431 defeats. In addition, this will be Rohit Sharma’s first ODI as India’s full-time captain in limited-overs cricket after Virat Kohli. He missed the team’s tour of South Africa due to a hamstring injury, but he is now fit to lead the Men in Blue in his first major ODI assignment as captain. Team India’s major achievements include the 1983 World Cup victory, the 2011 World Cup victory at home, and the 2013 Champions Trophy.

India played their first One-Day International (ODI) match against England in 1974 at the Headingley Cricket Ground in Leeds. The Indian ODI team has won the ICC World Cup twice in the last 48 years, the first in 1983 under Kapil Dev’s captaincy and the second in 2011 under Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s captaincy.

2. The Australian Cricket Team has played the second-most One-Day Internationals (ODIs) in cricket history – 958 ODIs.

Australia is second on the list, having played 958 games since 1971. In fact, Australia and England played the first-ever one-day international (ODI) match in cricket history. The third-ranked ODI team has won the World Cup five times in the last 49 years. The Australian ODI team is without a doubt the most successful team in cricket world cup history, and they are also the only team to win the World Cup in all host countries. Between 1999 and 2007, the Australian cricket team won three World Cups. With five World Cup titles, Australia is the most successful ODI team in World Cup history.

3. Pakistan – 936 ODI matches

Pakistan ranks third in terms of the number of One-Day Internationals (ODIs) played by a team. The 1992 World Cup champions, who have played 936 ODIs, round out the list of teams that have played 900 or more ODIs. Pakistan has won 490 ODIs while losing 417. Pakistan, like India and Australia, finished with 9 ODI draws. Team Pakistan won the World Cup once, against England in 1992, under the captaincy of Imran Khan. Pakistan is now ranked sixth in one-day internationals, with 2,524 points.

4. Sri Lanka- 870 ODI matches

Sri Lanka had played 870 ODI matches as of February 2022, winning 395 and losing 430; they also tied 5 matches and had 38 no results. They also won the 1996 Cricket World Cup, were co-champions in the 2002 ICC Champions Trophy, and were Asian champions five times in 1986, 1997, 2004, 2008, and 2014. The Sri Lanka cricket team is ranked fourth on our list of the most One-Day International (ODI) matches played by a team.

5. West Indies has the fifth most ODIs played by a team (835 ODIs).

The West Indies national cricket team dominated ODI cricket in its early years. The team ranks fifth on the list of most ODI matches played by a team. West Indies has played 835 One-Day International (ODI) matches, with 406 victories, 389 defeats, 10 ties, and 30 no results for a winning percentage of 51.11. The Windies’ legacy in one-day international cricket, established by the fans of Clive Lloyd, Sir Vivian Richards, Brian Lara, and Chris Gayle, will be remembered for the rest of their lives.


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