Top 5 Famous Cricket Tournaments In The World.

Cricket Tournaments

What are the most prestigious cricket tournaments in the world?

Cricket has been ingrained in the culture of some countries since 1869, and its global popularity is increasingly growing. Cricket supporters, gamblers, and sports fans have all been consumed by their passion for the game. Players from all over the world compete in tournaments and competitions.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 cricketing activities that both young players and fans aspire to participate in.

List of Top 5 Cricket Tournaments:

1. ICC Cricket World Cup.

Cricket Tournaments

This is perhaps the most well-known and appreciated cricket tournament, as well as the biggest cricket festival, which takes place every four years. It also boasts of having the best games in the world and being the most-watched cricket event ever.

The Super 8, 6, semi-finals, and finals are the four levels of the tournament. In order to win the tournament, teams from all over the world send out their best players. This is a tournament that both players and fans want to see their country win.

2. T20 World Cup.

Cricket Tournaments

Despite being a relative newcomer to the family of international cricket leagues, the T20 World Cup has hit the mark. The idea of holding the tournament every two years has resulted in the league’s enormous popularity. Because of its short and fast format, the tournament has gained popularity among fans. The first trophy was presented to India in 2007 when the tournament was launched.

Yuvraj Singh, a talented Indian batsman, made history in 2007 when he hit six sixes in a single over against England. The match clip has been viewed several times on the internet. West Indies won the cup the most (2) times, and Chris Gayle scored the most centuries for the team. Sri Lanka’s Mahela Jayawardene holds the record for most runs scored in the tournament.

3. The Ashes Series.

Cricket Tournaments

The Ashes Series is contested by England and Australia, two traditional cricketing powerhouses. Every two years, they compete for a small urn. According to legend, the urn contains the bails that were burned to symbolize the end of English cricket in 1882. The bails were burned as a result of the shock and outrage felt following England’s first-ever loss to Australia, a newly formed nation.

The urn was then taken to Australia, with England vowing to reclaim the Ashes the following year, which they duly did. Since then, the fierce rivalry has continued, with the winner reclaiming the Ashes for their country and the defeated country vowing to reclaim it in the next series. This is one of the most personal and hotly contested sporting events.

The Ashes series statistical graph demonstrates the Australian team’s consistent performance. They had their moments of glory by winning the tournament most of the time (33). Sir Donald Bradman, an Australian legend, also scored the most runs (5028) and Shane Warne took the most wickets (39) during the tournament.

4. Indian Premier League.

Cricket Tournaments

It is India’s most famous sporting event and a well-known name in international cricket. This is a tournament that brings together young players, Indian players, and high-priced international players in one team. The majority of the matches are nerve-wracking and thrilling. It’s a tournament that lasts for two months.

There have been 14 seasons so far, and almost all of them have been in the news in some way. It is also the source of numerous controversies. Nonetheless, this cricket tournament combines glitz, glory, and cricket tournaments in the world glamour. And it is unquestionably one of the world’s Top 5 Famous Cricket Tournaments.

5. ICC Champions Trophy.

ICC Champions trophy

The International Cricket Council organizes the ICC Champions Trophy (ICC). It was first known as the ICC Knock Out Tournament before being renamed the Champions Trophy in 2002. Since 2009, the tournament has only included the top eight ODI teams six months prior to the event.

South Africa won the inaugural Champions Trophy by defeating West India by four wickets in the final. India won the Champions Trophy for the second time in 2013, defeating England by 5 runs. India and Australia are the most successful teams in Champions Trophy history (both have won twice). Check out the list of ICC champions trophy winners from 1998 to 2017.

YearWinnerRunner-upFinal ResultHost
1998South AfricaWest IndiesSouth Africa won by 4 wickets.Bangladesh
2000New ZealandIndiaNew Zealand won by 4 wickets.Kenya
2002India, Sri-LankaSri Lanka and India were named joint winners.Sri Lanka
2004West IndiesEnglandWest Indies won by 2 wickets.England
2006AustraliaWest IndiesAustralia won by 8 wickets.India
2009AustraliaNew ZealandAustralia won by 6 wickets.South Africa
2013IndiaEnglandIndia won by 5 runs.England
2017PakistanIndiaPakistan won by 180 runs.England
These are just a few of the many fantastic cricketing events taking place around the world for fans. While cricket is not the most popular or well-known sport in the world, it has its fair share of fans and followers. Cricket is regarded as one of the most important sports in some countries. India, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, for example, place a high value on the sport.
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