6 Teams With 300+ Successful Highest Run Chase In ODI Cricket Format.

Top 6 Highest Run Chase in ODI Cricket Format [2021 Updates]

Run Chase In ODI: The way ODI cricket is played has changed dramatically in recent years. Teams look to attack their opponents from the start, and they respond with an attacking instinct. The age-old practice of seeing off the new ball by playing the first ten overs cautiously is no longer followed. A score of 300 or more runs in an ODI is no longer considered safe in the modern game, as teams chase it down at breakneck momentum. England has shifted its focus to ODIs and T20Is, particularly since the 2015 World Cup. The Three Lions won the last edition of the 50-over World Cup, which was witnessed by everyone. Take a look at the top 6 teams that have the most 300+ run chases in ODIs.

List Of Top 6 Teams With Successful Highest Run Chase In ODI Cricket Format.

1. India Highest Run Chase In ODI (356/7).

India Successful 300+ Run Chase In ODI

When it comes to chasing big scores, Virat Kohli’s men have been the most successful. They have won 18 games out of 73 total matches while losing 52. They have the most losses due to a lack of batting depth throughout the 1990s. Indian cricket has changed since the early 2000s, and it has only gotten better since 2007 when MS Dhoni took over. Dhoni’s finishing abilities enabled India to easily chase down large totals. Then there was Virat Kohli’s era when he added a new twist to chasing big totals. He is known as the “chase master” because he has the most hundreds while chasing.

2. England Highest Run Chase In ODI (366/8).

England ODI Cricket Team

Since losing to Bangladesh in the 2015 World Cup, which resulted in their elimination from the tournament, the World Champions have brought a defining change to their ODI and T20I game. Over the next four years, Eoin Morgan’s men mastered the white-ball formats, culminating in the 2019 World Cup victory. When it comes to chasing 300-plus totals, England ranks second. They have won 14 of their 46 games while losing 31 of them. They have a 0.451 track record.

3. Australia Vs India (359/6).

Australia ODI Mens Cricket Team

When it comes to chasing 300-pulse scores, the Men in Yellow rank third. They won 11 of the 39 games they played while losing 28 of them. They have a 0.392 win-loss record. Aaron Finch’s team plays expressive cricket. When Virat Kohli’s team visited Australia last year, they defeated India in one-day internationals (ODIs). Under Ajinkya Rahane, India won the three-match T20I series 2-1 and the Border-Gavaskar Trophy.

4. Sri Lanka Vs India (411/8).

Sri Lanka Run Chase In ODI

The team has struggled to adjust to the retirements of Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, and Tillakaratne Dilshan. They recently lost an ODI series to Bangladesh, which captures their current state of affairs in cricket. The players and the board have different points of view, which are reflected in their performances. Meanwhile, in 76 matches where the team chased 300-plus totals, they won just 10 games and lost as many as 66, for a win-loss ratio of 0.151.

5. New Zealand Highest Run Chase In ODI (350/9).

New Zealand Run Chase In ODI

In the 50-over format, New Zealand is equal with South Africa in terms of wins chasing scores of 300 or more. Kiwis have won seven ODI run chases requiring more than 300 runs while losing 32 times. The New Zealand team has a 0.218 winning ratio. NZ was the first team to reach the final of the World Test Championship. They are currently in Southampton competing in the WTC final against Team India.

6. South Africa Highest Run Chase In ODI (438/9) Vs Australia.

 South Africa Highest Run Chase In ODI (438/9) Vs Australia.

The African cricket team has a history of underachievement in One-Day Internationals. From losing the 1999 World Cup semifinal against Australia to losing the 2015 World Cup semifinal against the Kiwis, their lives had come full circle. They were eliminated in the group stage of the 2019 edition. In 33 ODIs where they chased over 300, they lost 26 and won seven. Choking on big moments has always been a part of how the team plays. Their win-loss record is 0.269.


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Source: Cricbuzz.com & ESPNcricinfo.com

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