The Top 5 Best Cricket Games For PC | Which Cricket Game Is Better For PC?

The Top 5 Best Cricket Games For PC -Which Cricket Game Is Better For PC

If you love cricket, you probably can’t stop yourself from watching or playing cricket whether it’s outdoor or on your PC. On your PC, you can enjoy some fantastic cricket games. These games are not affected by the weather and can be played for hours from the comfort of your own home with better internet or some offline games. Cricket games for PC are also great for people who want to virtually live the life and glory of a cricketer and fulfill their dreams of playing on the international stage. You can also virtually fulfill your international cricketing dreams by playing one of these best cricket games for PC. The best cricket games for PC give you the same sensation as watching your favorite batsman score a century live on the home field. Let’s see what and which are those top 5 cricket games for PC with better graphics.

Top 5 Best Cricket Games For PC In The World Right Now | Most Popular Cricket Games For PC

1. Cricket 19 Is One Of The Best Cricket PC Games Ever Played By Cricket Fans.

Cricket 19 PC Game Review: Video credits: YouTube

Many of you may be wondering if Cricket 19 is a good game. Yes, because, speaking of singles, Cricket 19 is a much better cricket game for those of us who prefer to play alone, as its AI appears to have greatly improved match awareness and nous, though this is most noticeable on the batting side of the equation.

Cricket 19 by Big Ant Studios is an excellent platform for playing cricket on your PC. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) partnered with the game’s launch in 2019. When you start playing the game, you can grow as a player and a leader. You can create your team from the ground up, starting with player selection, logo sponsorship, uniform design, and more. You can command your team. Participate in national-level tournaments, ODIs, and Test Matches, among other things. It’s also one of the top IPL Cricket games for PC in 2022. You can train with your teammates, and if you perform well, you could be the next captain leading your country in an international tournament. Consider purchasing Cricket 19 for PC. What a thrill! Isn’t that right? Let’s find out more about the game.

What are the best cricket 19 game features:

Gameplay. Cricket 19 adds a new game mode called scenario mode, which allows players to start a match in any predetermined scenario. Users can also play through the men’s ODI, T20, and test world cups, as well as the women’s ODI and T20 world cups. These, however, lacked any ICC licenses.

  • The player can design their team, complete with a logo, uniform, and hand-picked players.
  • You can participate in T20, ODI, and Test Matches.
  • The game features stunning real-life graphics.
  • The gaming AI is well-programmed for realistic tactics.
  • Choose your team from the many available options.

Available PC Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

Gameplay Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

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2. Cricket 07- Most Iconic Cricket Game For PC

EA Sports Cricket 07 Video Credits: igcompany

Cricket 07 by EA is a good game in general, but it is hampered by some finicky bowling controls. If you’re an Aussie or a UK sports fan, the next few months will be all about the Ashes series, which will be held in Australia.

Cricket 07 for PC was released in 2006, but it is still popular today. It was created by HB Studios and EA Canada, published by EA Sports, and is currently available on a variety of platforms. It has good graphics for the time and stars Andrew Flintoff. There are numerous in-game formats to choose from. The knockout game allows eight players to choose the number of overs they want to play and compete for the trophy. The Test Series will allow players from two teams to compete in a series of up to six matches. The World Series will allow three to five teams to compete in Australian venues. The world championship is the longest cricket game you can play, requiring you to defeat fifteen teams to win the trophy.

Best Features In Cricket 07:

  1. A new Quickplay cricket setting allows players to increase game speed.
  2. You can choose the level of difficulty.
  3. The game is ideal for fast matches such as T20s as well as slow matches such as test series.
  4. You can select between the Australian States and England Country tournaments.
  5. The weather conditions at the venues are under your control.
  6. A smooth stroke that is simple to control.
  7. Mark Nicholas and Richie Benaud provide commentary for the game.
  8. You can participate in both national and international tournaments.

Available PC Platforms-Microsoft Windows, & PlayStation 2

Gameplay Modes: Single-player &, Multiplayer video game

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3. Ashes Cricket- Most Downloaded Cricket PC Game

Ashes Cricket Review Credits: IGN (YT)

Big Ant Studio created this game in 2017 as a tribute to the Ashes Cricket Series between England and Australia. You can play with the official men’s and women’s cricket teams of Australia and England. If you want to play with groups from different countries, you can change, make, or change them however you want. They will provide you with a dedicated feature from which you can download players, teams, and much more! The game includes numerous features and tools that allow you to control your shots and bowling.

The game is well-known for its stunning visuals, which provide a pleasurable gaming experience for all of its players. Players can experiment with a variety of game modes. So prepare to play this game. Ashes Cricket was decidedly based on the authenticity and precision with which it addressed cricket. There has never been a more receptive, fully integrated, or enjoyable game.

Some Notable Features:

  • Realistic batting, bowling animations.
  • Wide variety of game modes.
  • Excellent batting, and bowling mechanics.
  • Official licenses for men’s, women’s England, and Australia teams.

Available PC Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows

Gameplay Modes: Single and multiple players

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4. Don Bradman Cricket 17

Video Credits: YouTube

One of the best aspects of Don Bradman Cricket 17 was that it reached out to local communities to help localize announcers for grounds all over the world. Cricket 17 is a captivating cricket-based PC game that was released in 2016. In terms of visuals, the game has improved graphics and photorealistic lighting, and skin tones, as well as more payer customization options. You must have a stable internet connection to play this game. It is the largest cooperative game that relies on the community to allow you to play great cricket matches. The game allows you to create characters for your team, but they do not look like real cricket players. The game, also simulated international stadiums.

Notable Features:

A “full and comprehensive” stadium creator mode will allow players to recreate their own local cricket ground in-game, in addition to the expanded character creation system. Cricket 17 introduces new batting shots such as helicopter shots and charge sixes. It also includes new visuals and special effects.

  • The teams in the game are dynamic, and they progress through their careers gradually.
  • The game is brought to life by depicting player retirement, field injuries, and even higher levels of cricket.
  • The stadium mode can also be customized to simulate true stadium excitement.
  • Characters can also be evolved by using the character creation system.
  • Players can own and design their own in-game cricket pitch.
  • The new graphics, sound, and special effects are captivating.
  • Players can now perform various shots such as helicopter shots, defensive shots, charge sixes, and more.

Available PC Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, & Xbox One.

Mode- Single-player, Cooperative, & Multiplayer

5. Ashes Cricket 2009

Video Credits: YouTube

The game includes all three major forms of cricket (test, one-day, and 20-overs), but the Ashes is the only fully licensed competition. Codemaster’s Ashes Cricket 2009 is yet another cricket game. They bowled against wicket gates. Legends Coaching, a comprehensive training mode, is the essential first port of call. This game has obtained the licenses of Cricket Australia, MCC, and ECB to include all of the official players of Australia and England’s rival teams. As a result, the graphics are fantastic and extremely realistic. Fantastic sound and visual effects complement this. It is one of the best cricket games for PC because of its thrilling gaming experience.

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Notable Features:

There are four game types in the game: The Ashes series consists of five five-day tests between Australia and England using the current real-world player roster. Test mode has the same five-day matches as Ashes mode, but you can select from 12 competing nations. One Day International (ODI) cricket is a condensed version of Test cricket with 50 overs of play per team; and 20 Overs, the sport’s most recent addition, provides fast action-oriented play.

Available Platforms: PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, & Xbox 360

Gameplay Mode- Single-player, & Multiplayer


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